Agape is defined as the unconditional love of God. We'll never be able to match this type of love, but we strive for it in everything we do. It's this love that drives us. From the attention to detail that our artisans pour into each handcrafted piece to the unparalleled service you'll experience in our showroom, it's all motivated by love. By Agape.



We live with an obsession - we don't want you to just like your furniture, we want you to love your furniture. We believe that's achieved from the very beginning of the process. Our skilled artisans treat every single piece of furniture like a work of art. Every hand-carved edge, every perfectly sanded surface, every chiseled detail. All are intentionally designed from a spirit of artistry and love, and all with your home in mind.


Watch the video below to see the journey each piece takes from its home of origin all the way to yours.