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Are you in love with a design, however it requires modifications; or maybe this design remains as an image for inspiration, and you want to bring it to life?

We've partnered with a variety of skilled craftsmen, combined with our complimentary design services, to help you create the design you love. 

Discover our custom design process below.




Contact, or visit our showroom, to speak with an AGÁPĒ designer to share your vision for your custom design.

We encourage you to provide additional information on your design or space, such as inspiration images, existing or desired finishes, and dimensions.



Our designers will develop and provide you with an illustration to define your vision and requests, along with an estimated quote and lead-time for production. 

Upon your final approval of the design, and deposit for the item(s), our team of artisans then begin production by hand. 



Following final inspection, your order is then shipped to our showroom to be processed for completion and final payment.


Your order is then prepared for customer pick up or delivery. 




Do I have to visit the showroom to request a quote?
In order to request a quote for a custom design, we ask that you either contact our showroom, via phone or email, or visit our showroom and speak with a designer. An AGÁPĒ Designer will request any information from you that is needed to develop an illustration and quote. After this initial conversation, continued communication takes place via email. 

What is the cost for custom design services?
There is no cost to you for an illustration or quote on a custom design. Our designers offer complimentary design services to help you make furniture/decor selections, visualize furniture/decor in your space with a floor plan or elevation sketch, and define all the details for a custom design. 

Is a custom design more expensive?
We do not increase the cost of an item if it requires to be custom ordered. 

If the item is on our showroom floor, however, we need to order more or change the finish to a different standard color, the cost will remain the same as seen on it’s tag.


If the item is on our showroom floor, however, you want to modify the size, upholstery, request a custom finish, or even change the design completely, the item is subject to a price adjustment, whether it may be an increase or decrease.  

How long does it take to receive a sketch and quote?
In certain cases, a quote may be transmitted in less than 24 hours, or even on the spot; this case occurs when we have similar inventory with pricing and does not require confirmation from our artisans. 

In the case an illustration must be developed, a consultation is needed between our designers and artisans, and pricing for finishes must be confirmed; we aim to deliver an illustration and quote to you within 5 business days. Should our team require more time, we will continue to provide you with updates via email. 

Are there standard upholstery or finishes to choose from?
As we develop our showroom’s design center, we will then offer a selection of standard selections, i.e. stains, leather, rattan, etc. At this time, we have standard finishes for specific furniture and decor collections, however, our designers will notify you of standard finishes available as it relates to your design. 

Can I request a custom finish?
Custom finishes, such as paint and stains, may be requested, however, this is subject to an additional fee. Consult with a designer. 

When do I pay for my order?
Once you approve your custom design’s illustration and would like to move forward with submitting your design for production, a 50% deposit, calculated from your provided quote, is required for an order to be placed and production to begin. 

Upon delivery of your item to our showroom and final inspection from our team, your remaining balance must be paid in order to schedule pick up or delivery. 

How long will it take to receive my order?
We typically schedule a new shipment quarterly, therefore, there is a three month window that a customer may initiate and complete our custom design process within. Depending on when you submit your order during this three month window, a customer may receive their order between 4 to 12 weeks. 
Our tentative schedule for the year is:

  • QTR #1: Orders open in January. Shipment is expected in March.

  • QTR #2: Orders open in April. Shipment is expected in June.

  • QTR #3: Orders open in July. Shipment is expected in September.

  • QTR #4: Orders open in October. Shipment is expected in December.

Will I receive updates on my order during production?
Once acceptance of custom orders has closed for the specific quarter’s shipment, you will receive a Custom Order Expectations email, which will provide you with an overview of our remaining schedule and when you can expect to receive updates. 
Emailed updates will include:

  • Last call for revisions or request for any required finish selections. 

  • The shipment has reached all artisans and is being processed at the border. 

  • The shipment has been delivered to the AGÁPĒ showroom and is being processed.

  • Your order is ready for final payment, and you may schedule pick up or delivery. 


Can I make changes to my order during production?
Changes may be requested to a custom order during the production process, however, all requests will require approval from our artisans and are subject to an additional fee depending on the item’s current position towards completion. Your approval for moving forward with the modification, including additional fees, will be required. 

If the change is requested after the item has been packaged for shipping, the request may be discussed and scheduled upon arrival to our showroom. 

Can I make changes to my order after it has been delivered?
Upon arrival of the item to our showroom, any request for changes may be subject to an additional fee or a quote may be provided to you by our referred contractor, if needed. 

How far will you deliver?
We are not limited to a specific distance for delivery. Please contact our showroom for a custom delivery quote. 

What is the cost of delivery?
Each item requires a custom quote for delivery. Please contact our showroom. 


Thanks for submitting!

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