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Our #1 Tip to make Furniture Shopping easier!

And it starts with your smartphone!

Shopping for furniture can be a struggle if you’re unsure about a new piece working within your space. Your first instinct…scroll deep into your phone, and look for a single photo of your space. This leads us to our #1 Tip to customers, before heading to furniture showrooms...

Take intentional photos of your Home.

Snap photos of your home, or a specific room, before shopping in-store or online. The camera on your smartphone will work just fine, to take current, intentional photos, allowing you to…

  • coordinate new furniture to your existing space,

  • understand how much space you have available for new furniture, and

  • have confidence in your purchasing decisions.

Take it one step further.

1. Snap photos during the daytime to access Natural Lighting.

Artificial lighting from lamps or ceiling fixtures can cast shadows and change the appearance of colors in your space.

2. Lay a Tape Measure within the area you’ll be placing new furniture in.

This helps you capture important dimensions in your photos.

3. Snap individual photos of your existing Furniture and Selections.

In addition to saving Design Inspiration photos, this tip will help you define the style and color scheme of your space.

4. Organize your home’s photos into a Photo Album within your phone.

Or, text the photos to a close Friend, so you can easily refer back to them while shopping.

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