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Our Top Picks for Outdoor Plants

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

We love to invest in outdoor plants to help stage our Pottery Collection within our showroom. Plants add such vibrant colors, interesting textures, and a lively presence to an outdoor space, so we decided to share our Top Picks to recommend for your outdoor space!

1. Single, Wide-Growing Plants

We love plants that are wide-growing, because you only need ONE to fill a pot, no matter the size opening of your pottery. Let these plants grow into an organic shape, therefore, try to steer away from trimming, and it's an added BONUS when the plant blooms with flowers during the Spring to Fall seasons.

Texas Red Yucca

Why we love it: Grows up to 36 inches wide and up to 60 inches high. Drought tolerant. Produces tall spikes of reddish-pink flowers throughout the Summer. Rustic, Southwestern, and even Modern in style.


Why we love it: Grows an average 48 inches wide, however, they can grow as tall as 20 feet. Very little care is required. Considered a Succulent with large, dramatic leaves (cool-tone colors in Blue-Green or Grey-Green), ending with a spiny tip, however, it's considered slow-growing. Rustic, Southwestern, and even Modern in style.

Gardenia Bush

Why we love it: Grows 3 to 5 feet wide and high. Produces thick, glossy leaves, and fragrant, white flowers (when walking up to a gardenia bush, you're sure to smell them before you see them). Traditional and Cottage-like in style.

2. Plants that Drape or Trail

We love a plant that has foliage that grows dense, or full, and will drape over the sides of pottery. The look is very romantic and organic.

Trailing Rosemary

Why we love it: Low-growing, up to 60 inches wide and 12 inches high. Drought tolerant. Pine-like fragrance. Produces small, pale blue flowers in the spring. Traditional and Cottage-like in style.

3. Plants for a Table Top

The need for table top plants stemmed from a low-profile, rectangle pottery style we offer, that ended up serving as the perfect centerpiece for an outdoor Dining Table, Coffee Table, Bar, or Console. The key was to select young plants, in terms of size, and stage in a set of three.

Aloe Vera

Why we love it: Fast-growing. Thick, Succulent leaves, filled with a skin-soothing, watery gel, that grows from the base into a rosette arrangement. Rustic, Southwestern, and even Modern in style.

4. Plants to Add Height

Sometimes your space needs height, more like a Tree. When placing trees between and along your space, we steer towards dwarf sizes to grow in pottery, that also produce sparse foliage, in order to avoid becoming a privacy wall, and appearing heavy in scale or distracting.

Olive Tree

Why we love it: Dwarf varieties grow 6 to 8 feet tall. Silvery color, and feather-shaped foliage. Produces fragrant white flowers in the Spring, and can opt for fruitless. Mediterranean and California Casual in style.

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