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The Magic Formula for Pairing Pottery

When you have an outdoor space in need of styling, however, you don't have a green thumb, Pottery can serve as a great stand-alone accessory. Our formula for pairing pottery together is perfect for filling empty spaces along walkways, between furniture or around the pool, and along porches and front doors, while also adding a new material and colorway to your landscape and building exteriors.

Start with an Anchor Pot.

First, we recommend selecting your Anchor pot, which will 1) be the tallest in your pottery pairing, and 2) contrast against it's surroundings.

For example, if you're selecting pottery to flank the sides of your front door, it's best to look at the nearest surroundings. Typically, there's wall-mounted lighting to the sides of your front door, or a small portion of wall space between the edge of the door and a window. These existing features will help you narrow down the height, and sometimes the width, of your anchor pot.

If your home's exterior is a deep red brick, we tend to suggest an Ivory-colored pot to contrast. You'll want the pottery to stand out and be visible, not disappear into it's background.

Form a Trio.

Next, add two more pots to form a trio of pottery. When arranging items together, in general, an odd-number of items will appear more interesting compared to an even-number. This trio of pottery will also fill in a space nicely due to it's overall width, without appearing bulky or heavy, compared to a single oversized pot to fill a space.

Also, you'll want to decrease the heights of your pots evenly, from your tallest anchor pot, down to your smallest pot. This creates visual movement to the eye, compared to a flat-looking, single oversized pot to fill a space.

Mix it Up.

Lastly, ensure your trio of pottery is a mixture of different shapes, colors, or both. This not only heightens the interest of your styled space, but can also pull in accent colors from your surrounding landscape and building exteriors, or even add new colors. We typically suggest mixing round pottery with square to help soften corners.

So there you have it, our magic formula for pairing pottery, to fill your empty outdoor spaces, can be achieved by 1) starting with a tall anchor pot, 2) forming a trio of pottery, and 3) mixing up the shapes or colors!

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