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What does AGÁPĒ mean?

Your most common questions about our name, AGÁPĒ Furniture, are answered here!

What does AGÁPĒ mean?

Before building our furniture showroom, we came to know AGÁPĒ, pronounced [aga - pay], as the Greek word for the highest form of love, or the unconditional love of God, during a Christian retreat, called Walk to Emmaus.

Why AGAPE Furniture?

Through AGÁPĒ, we believe that God loves us so much that he blessed us each with a gift, meant to be shared with others...and so the name AGÁPĒ Furniture connected with our desire to be a platform to display these “gifts of His love” and to share the gifts of the Artisans we partner with (originally starting with Artisans in Mexico).

After opening in December of 2018, it has been an honor to continue working with talented Artisans, both Local and International, and to share their gifts with you, through each hand-crafted furniture piece and decor found in our showroom.

To view videos of each of our original Artisans and their gifts at work, visit our Artisans page.

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